Rick Whitlow

 WELCOME TO THE LIFE AND TIMES OF RICK WHITLOW! And thank you for taking the time to visit! I have enjoyed sharing my life journey with you through my book. Swagger, The Life And Times Of Rick Whitlow. As I said in the book's introduction my only regret is that I was not more generous with my space and time. At this stage of my life I am looking to sharing more of both with friends that I know and friends that I have yet to meet. Past, present, and future. I plan to use my website in a much different manner than I use my social network formats. I hope you will come back often and feel free to share your thoughts, and feelings.






Some times a guy just needs a little solitude. Peace and quiet on the beach, a little time to work things out.

 June 2013, Lido Beach, Sarasota, Florida looking out over the ocean. Thinking about the next move.

Fun days at the beach in Sarasota.

Get a Personal signed copy of my book Swagger. The Life And Times Of Rick Whitlow. Email me at Rick.Whitlow@gmail.com It is a great read, I think you will enjoy it. I will even pay for shipping. Or you can order it through my publisher by clicking on the link below. (Get it from me directly) Let's cut out the middle man.








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