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Beautiful St. Lucia, West Indies

More From St. Lucia, West Indies.

I really enjoyed my recent trip to St. Lucia, West Indies. Other than Canada, it was the first time I have ever traveled out of the United States. Finally a little ink in my passport. My wife Cindi(trip coordinator) did a fabulous job of making sure all our details were tended to, including Butler, and Maid-Service. One of the really interesting coincidences was a lady we sat next to on the plane ride down worked at the resort we visited. She came by to see us several times. We now have a new good friend in St. Lucia. Mrs. Millicent Nelson, who also happens to have family in the Atlanta area. Hopefully we will see her again soon.





















When the native islanders greet you they often say.."Hello. Welcome to paradise." I am not sure where paradise is located, but it certainly not be too far from St. Lucia, West Indies.. Although a poor nation/island, it's riches resides in it's wonderful people, and beautiful natural resources. Everything is so plush green, and it is surrounded by aqua blue waters. I found the magnificent Carribbean sea to be more than I expected. Picture books, videos and television simply can not do this tropical island justice. There even seems to be something majestic about it's quick and heavy rainstorms. Which come heavy and suddenly. Then seem to vanish as quickly as it appeared. Leaving behind wonderful cloud formations, and stunning sunsets. 


Summer of 2016

It has truly been an incredibly busy summer of 2016. Last year we concluded the summer by going to St. Lucia and getting married. This year after traveling to my college home of Illinois State University and then going to my hometown of Michigan City, Indiana to attend my 45th high school reunion. Wrapping up the summer with a trip to Niagara Falls, New York. I thought I would share some pictures from each of those trips. Enjoy.

Christmas 2016

Jackson, Ms. 

2017 Candace Came To Town

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