• Rick Whitlow

Hillary vs Donald

I want to make it clear that as I approach this political season I do so wearing my objective journalist hat. I grew up in a family of staunch Democrats and have spent most of my adult life supporting that party. However, those of you who have followed my career know that in 2005 I ran for the office of Mayor in the City of Jackson, Mississippi as a Republican. In my book Swagger, The Life And Times Of Rick Whitlow I write in great detail about my political experiences including attending both George W. Bush's inaugurations and participating in the 2004 Republican National Convention. Growing up a Democrat, and getting involved politically as a Republican has given me a unique perspective on how both party's machines function and what motivates them. I have worked on both Democrat and Republican candidates campaign staffs, and I have been hired to high-level responsible positions by elected officials from both parties. What I have learned from my political activity is that I am a very solid Independent, the kind of voter both parties say they are trying to attract. I approach this political season keenly aware of the critical issues and all that is at stake in this election. So I invite you to join me in following the upcoming Presidential, and down ticket races. I will follow the events and write about them as a journalist. Presenting, and discussing both sides. Leaving it up to you to decided which candidate is best for the country. So buckle in and let's discuss, debate and dialog in a free flowing but respectable manner.



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