• Rick Whitlow

Hillary's Health Shocks Campaign

If I were Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, I would strongly urge her to be more transparent with the information she provides the public. I mean take this latest incident, Clinton recently had been having coughing episodes, several actually interrupted speeches. Then she had to leave a 9/11 commemorative event early claiming she was de-hydrated and over heated, it was learned two days earlier she had been diagnosed with pneumonia. It is no shame, or disgrace to have pneumonia. In fact several members of her staff had missed work due to various ailments. Television cameras caught campaign aids and secret service men assisting her as she attempted to make it to her motorcade. Why not simply tell the media that Mrs. Clinton has not been feeling well? And as a result she may have to leave the event early. Doing so would have avoided the media frenzy which her near fainting spell has caused. The Donald Trump campaign for months has questioned her health and stamina, and this situation plays right in to their narrative. To Trump's credit, he took the high road and said something to the effect that he hopes she feels better soon, and he looks forward to seeing her at the first debate. Doctors have advised Hillary to take a few days off the campaign trail and get some rest. She has canceled a fund-raising trip to California. Considering the ages of both candidates Trump 70, Clinton 68, it would seem that voters need and want to know about the health of the future President of the United States. News, notes, quotes, and an opinion or two.



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