• Rick Whitlow

The Race For President

When I started this part of my blog, I planned to write about this weekly from the view point of an objective journalist, but then the race for President became so bazaar that I simply no longer wanted to engage publicly about the matter. I am a long way from being a prude, but there were times during this political cycle when I felt I needed to take a shower and wash away the sleaze of it all. I had seen a situation like this albeit on a much smaller scale back in 2005 when I ran for Mayor of Jackson, Ms. My opponent was loud, divisive, and promised everybody everything. I watched people I admired and respected follow him off a cliff. It is a fall from which the city of Jackson is still trying to recover. I cast my vote early a couple weeks ago. I was not influenced by any of the partisan foolishness which we have been bombarded by for the past year. I have found many of the things I have heard people say on television and radio very disturbing. I have heard words written and said that I never imagined would have made it to the national airwaves. How did we get to this point? People proudly wearing their biases on their sleeves, and are more than willing to attack you , unfriend you and in some cases disassociate themselves for you, if you have a different perspective. There are people I love and respect whom I could not have a discussion about the political landscape. How did we get to this point? It makes me sad that so many are so angry, about so much. I am not sure where we will go from here, but I remain hopeful, but not as optimistic as I used to be.



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