• Rick Whitlow

Election Guarantees A New Direction

Alright so it is done. We have a new President-Elect, (sigh) I must admit, like so many others I am stunned, shocked, and astonished just to name a few of the adjectives I will use on this blog entry. I thought it wise to take a few days and process in detail what has happened and my thoughts about the consequences of this national decision. This is so much more than an election of a President. The election of 2016 will reverberate for generations to come. The President-elect is a man in his 70's. The oldest to be elected to the position. Look away from him and that fact for a minute. Pay attention to what down the generational line on the Trump train. The next generation of Trumps are positioning for political power for decades to come. Donald Jr., Eric, Ivanka, and even ten year old Baron have to be watched in the years to come 2020, 2024, and beyond. If you think you were tired of past political dynasties, it's almost certain you will get Trump fatigue in the years to come. The political elite, rich, famous, the successful and powerful are always thinking years down the road. It is a skill which separates the privileged from the rest of us and don't for a second think there is not a chasm between the two. I would caution those who are running around now talking about how we must now all work together to heal the wounds, many of those people are the same ones who spent the past 8 years inflicting those wounds. On Nov. 8th, 2016 my country sent me a clear message and it has been received loudly and clearly. It has put me and many others in an uncomfortable zone and clouded my vision for what to expect and hope for in the future. I know the electoral college usually reflects the final popular vote, but what happens (like on Nov. 8, 2016) when it doesn't? I almost feel as it my vote didn't matter. Albeit well intended the electoral college has perhaps outlived it usefulness, and purpose. And finally, both Presidential candidates still have their millions of dollars and elite privilege, while the rest of us struggle for the remaining crumbs. I hope this works out for all involved and that includes everyone.



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