• Rick Whitlow

Uber Fights Human Trafficking

As I was researching my next major project, it did not go un-noticed that Uber is among the major corporations that takes a strong public stand about preventing the worldwide problem of Human Trafficking. As part of it's drivers help and information feature there is a section that focuses on the signs of a person who might be a victim of this atrocious global problem. It tells you what to look for and what you should do if you suspect a person is being controlled and living in servitude or existing as a "modern day slave." It gives you a list of organizations and contacts including but certainly not limited to 911 and local police that you can call if you see something suspicious. Human Trafficking is a huge multi-million dollar organized crime that happens right under our noses in virtually every community in America. In recent years the crime is being talked about more openly. I applaud Uber for encouraging it's drivers to be alert, and if you see something-say something. My involvement in helping to prevent Human Trafficking goes back nearly ten years ago when I got involved with the Frederick Douglass Family Initiative ( it is an organization founded by direct descendants of the "original abolitionist" Frederick Douglass. The FDFI mission is and has been to abolish modern day slavery. As recently as last year I taught a unit about awareness, and prevention of Human Trafficking to a group of 7-10th graders. I think it left a lasting impression on them, even more so, because the Metro Atlanta area in which they live is usually mentioned in the first 30 seconds of any serious conversation about Human Trafficking. Atlanta is a hotbed for modern day slavery and Human Trafficking. Information is power. In my travels as a Uber driver, I know I will certainly remain alert and keep my eyes, and ears open.



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