• Rick Whitlow

Atlanta Snowstorm And Ridesharing

I so wish I could tell you that during the Dec. 8, 2017 Atlanta snowstorm, that I was out dashing through the snow on a one-horse open sleigh going over the hills and laughing all the way. But, no it didn't happen quite like that. In fact I could not get over the hill leading from my home in Smyrna, and I desperately tried. The surge rate was as high as it gets and everyone was trying to get some where other than where they were, but even this aggressive, enthusiastic Uber driver could not get to them. I figured even though rates, and the demand was high, it wasn't worth the risk of having an accident which could mean damage repairs, increased insurance rates, time off the road, and/or worse. So the alternative was to wish everyone well, settle back into the easy chair front of the fireplace, and wait for the sun and warmer temperatures to restore order. Forecasters say we got a record setting ten inches. I spent many years in the northern snow belt regions, and yes- even I was impressed with this accumulation and how quickly it happened. I am also hoping I'll be impressed with how quickly it goes away.



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