P.O.E.T.T. (What?)

Over the past five years, I have been reaching out to advise and mentor young people of both genders. Both athletes and non-athletes at all levels. I like to think that I have said or done something that has given them cause to pause and think about how they approach life and how they pursue their goals. So often my talk has started and ended by referring to my life philosophy of PREPARATION-ORGANIZATION-EFFORT-TEAMWORK-TIME MANAGEMENT. (POETT) My P.O.E.T.T theory of life has withstood the test of time and transcends all life's endeavors. It has been my belief that before a person can succeed in anything, they have to understand the importance of these five disciplines- and often times have the ability to execute each simultaneously. Being proficient at these intangibles will almost always prepare a person to be successful in whatever they decide to do.

Just a little of what was recently on my mind.

"Notes, quotes, and an opinion or two."


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