Niagara Falls-Astonishing

Amazing Niagara Falls So Close

Even though I had been there on two previous occasions, my latest trip to Niagara Falls was no less breathtaking. The first couple times I was just passing through on my way to somewhere else and just dropped by because it would have been a shame to be so close and not go see one of earth's true wonders. But this time I was a full blown tourist complete with camera, hat, sunglasses, and comfortable shoes, and the Falls was my destination and this incredible display of power, wind, rock formations and water did not disappoint. One can not help but be in awe of what tourists from around the world have come to enjoy for hundreds of years. What I found to be especially fascinating is how close observers can get to the majestic water falls, and fast moving rapids. Cave of the Winds among other locations allow you to be within literally a few feet of disaster if you choose, or fantastic photo opportunities. Of course I chose the latter.

Researching the history of the Earth science miracle that is Niagara Falls, I learned there are actually three waterfalls- two on the United States side and of course the one they call ' the Horseshoe Falls" which stretches from the U.S. side to the Canadian side. It is the view that has made many dare-devils famous, and also taken the lives of a few. Back on June 15, 2012. Nik Wallenda of the famous Wallenda family walked a tightrope across the Falls from the USA side to the Canadian side. When he arrived safely, Wallenda (always the showman) reached into his pocket and presented Canadian custom officials his passport. It was a courageous dare-devil type thing to do, but if you look real close at the pictures you can't help but notice that Wallenda was actually tethered to the wire and had there been a little (pardon the pun) slip up he would not have actually fallen into the raging waters. He may have had to hang on until somebody rescued him, but was not likely to become a Niagara Falls fatality. Embarrassing but probably not deadly. Still Nik Wallenda and all the other publicity seekers and dare-devils over the years have my respect and will probably have yours too once you see the great and powerful Niagara Falls.

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