Time To Tee It Up.

First of all, let me start off by clearing up the shoe matter. Yes, I have gotten older and sometimes my feet get cold, but let me assure you they are never cold when I am on the golf course. I have never and will never wear socks under sandals. At least not on the golf course. The footwear you will see is a very stylish athletic shoe which I find comfortable and perfect for the sport of golf. So there. Now, on to the business at hand. At this writing my golf career is all of about two weeks old. Already I am feeling the gravitational pull the game has on it's participants. Until a couple weeks ago in my entire life, I probably had swung at fewer than fifty golf balls, making contact with less than half of them. As a TV reporter I covered the sport with envy and enthusiasm. In the past two weeks I have probably taken more than a thousand swings. So many in fact that my hands, and new golf muscles are very sore. Those of you who know me personally will know I am not exaggerating, because once I decide I want to be good at something, I have no problem putting in the time and work. About twenty years ago Jackson State University head golf coach Eddie Payton tried to get me to come out to the course and try the sport, he said I would love it. He was right. Nowadays I find myself walking around the house swinging an imaginary golf club, trying to make sure I keep my left arm straight and follow through. Other than a few swings at the Legacy Club driving range, I have not taken my game public yet. It's simply not ready for public consumption. I am thankful that laughing at others on the range is not allowed. I don't want to look like a golf klutz,( or Charles Barkley) I still have plenty of athletic pride and ego. So at this point most of my game has taken place on a small patch of grass near my house on the Silver Comet Trail in Smyrna, Ga. In the very near future I plan to take my new passion to the Legacy Golf Club and Fox Creek Club in Smyrna. Or perhaps a course somewhere near you. No set date yet because it will take me a little longer to reduce the number of lazy fly balls, shots to the gap, grounders to short, and swinging bunts. Oh, sorry wrong sport. I am working real hard on this and I'll keep you posted. I want to be good at this.

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