Let's Hear It For The Boys

For many reasons, far too many to go into here. I have never been particularly interested in the psychology, or the X's and O's of coaching anyone in any sport, especially basketball. I think it was probably because things that came easy for me, didn't always come so easy to others. Small details of the game which I thought everyone knew and understood often had to be taught and re-taught starting from the beginning.

I suppose it was inevitable that one day a group of young people would pull me in to the strange culture that is coaching and instruction. A culture that actually is very familiar. Hence- it is from where I come.

My personal basketball journey started at about the same age and grade as the young people with whom I coach 4th and 5th graders. One thing I have learned early in this process is I seem to coach the way I wanted to be coached. Rarely do I raise my voice, and like old school coaching legends John Wooden of UCLA, and Dean Smith of North Carolina I get most of the work done in practice, so when game time comes, I am simply motivating, and reminding players of what we worked on.

You may ask.. why this age of player? That answer is simple... Because at least most of the time they listen. Often they have very short attention spans but when that happens it's usually a failure on my part for not engaging them in the proper way. They are impressionable, but mentally very fragile, which is why I am careful as to how I correct them, how I encourage them, and how I motivate them. I suppose not having a coach's ego has served me well. I like for them to look good, play well, have sound fundamentals and develop positive work habits. Also it's important they conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike way. However, I could care less if they "make that shot" or even win the game. But it is important to me that they learn lessons about preparation, organization, effort, and team work. Sure, winning is nice and it can be helpful in the motivation aspect, but success, just like failure is something that needs to be managed both on and off the court. Those elements of life's journey is what I hope they will acquire from this experience.

So, it is in that mindset I go forward with this new and interesting project I have taken on. My colleague Frank Robinson and I have watched this group improve and evolve into a cohesive unit. A team that cares about each other, and they have even managed to win a few games. Coach Frank and I are so impressed with their progress we hope to keep them together for awhile, starting with a summer camp in June which we hope they will all choose to attend.

Camp Staff

Coach Frank Robinson, father of Brandon

Robinson, former DCHS POY basketball

player and current player of the UNC

Tarheels 2017 National Championship

Team will be directing all sessions along

with the Basketball staff. Also, former and

current players will be providing excellent

basketball instructions in all phases of the

game. We look forward to working with

your child.

Send applications to: DCHS Tipoff Club,

Inc. P.O. Box 1301 Lithia Springs, GA 30122

or go to the website and register online

at dchshoops.org

Hopefully a couple may get an opportunity to play in High School. Perhaps earn a scholarship to college. And then... who knows? The sky is the limit...

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