Confessions: Hey, This Is Atlanta Get An Earlier Start.

Had a rider recently who requested an Uber ride from his home in Smyrna a suburb on the Northwest side of Atlanta to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport on the south side, a distance of about 23 miles. On a good day the ride can take a half hour. On a medium bad day 45 minutes. On a really bad day an hour or more. Be mindful there is a reason the Atlanta airport is ranked the busiest airport in the world. If you have ever been there, you know the ground traffic around that monstrosity contributes to the reputation. Anyway, back to my rider. It was 4:15 this guy and his kid were hoping to catch a 5:30 flight. Traffic was heavy, and it was raining. Of course he was wanting me to speed up and get there faster. In my 49 years of driving, I have never gotten a speeding ticket and was not about to break that record on that day with him. He was the ultimate back seat driver. I reminded him several times that speeding tickets in that area at that time of day, under those circumstances cost a minimum of 200 dollars, and if I got one, or had an accident, he would certainly have no chance to make that flight. I managed to get him there at about 4:50. I have no idea what kind of luck he had with the TSA agents and security lines. I am sure they were not as understanding or as patient with him as I tried to be. I don't know if the guy made his flight, but I was glad to get him and his little farty 10 year old son out of the car. Moral to this story. Leave for the airport early (especially if it is Atlanta's) And don't blame your Uber driver for making you miss your flight.

Other travelers of interest included a woman, her son, and her mother catching a midnight flight to Paris, with the final destination Athens. (Greece) not Georgia.

Then there was the elderly couple catching a flight from Atlanta to Madrid, Spain. Did I mention they made it to the airport with time to spare? Even though it's usually busy and hectic the airport trip is my favorite. You never know who you will meet or where they may be going. My next blog entry will be about overheard conversations from "the backseat." Stay tuned, there is no such thing as a routine trip.

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