Confessions: Ride-Sharing And The F-Word

Back in my day, when someone lobbed what was commonly referred to as an F-Bomb, it raised eyebrows, offended some people, and even among those who weren't offended, it did not go un-noticed. It was such a shocking word that TV editors would sometimes blur (censor) the mouths of baseball managers who used the word while arguing with umpires about a bad call. That word is almost totally responsible for the advent of the 7 second delay in live TV and radio broadcasts. However, as we all know even today it slips by even the most alert editors. Folks, I don't need to tell you, the times, they have certainly changed. The F-word that used to make some drunken sailors blush, in today's world barely provokes an acknowledgement. Allow me to share a recent conversation that took place between a mother and her son. The child could not have been more than nine years old.

Confessions From An Atlanta Ride-Share Driver.

True story:

Mother: (Hurry up. Get in the F**king car

Mother: Are you F**king kidding me? I told you not to bring that F**king computer.

Son: I needed something to F**king do.

Son: I didn't want to F**king go in the first place. You are always F**king up my ass about something.)

Mother: I am sorry sir. I am trying to get him to stop using that word.

I lost track of how many times the word was used during the short trip, while the mother was talking on her cell phone. I suspect she was not even aware of how often she said it. Those of you who know me, know that I am not a career choir boy, but sometimes even I am surprised how easily that word flows from the mouths of so many in our society. Gender, age, race, religion, rich, poor, short, tall, it seems the word dominates many conversations and is used by people in all walks of life.

A famous basketball coach who used the F-word in almost every other sentence, once described it as perhaps the most versatile, and descriptive word in the English language. And who can argue with him? Think about it.



It's a big F**king deal.

How the F**k are you?

I wish you would shut the F**k up

I am so F**king tired.

How the F**k am I suppose to know?

What the F**k? (WTF) for those of you who had not figured out that acronym

Need I go on?

Fill in your own blanks, and provide your own jokes.

Stay tuned for more interesting stories and people from the dusty trails of Metro Atlanta.

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