Confessions: What Did She Say?

Sometimes you get a rider whom you hope has a short trip so you can get them out of the car as soon as possible. However, every now and then you get a rider, whom you wish was taking a longer trip. Recently I had one such rider. The Uber app only allows you to see riders and drivers first names, so I know her only as Aleida. I picked her up outside of the famous World Of Coca-Cola. Her destination was Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport domestic terminal, where she was catching a plane heading to Washington D.C. During the trip while on her cell phone, she carried on a conversation in three different languages French, Spanish, and English, with what seemed to be four different people. In between calls during our short discussion it turns out that she is an interpreter/translator, who specializes in international finance. Her degrees were from Columbia University, and George Washington University. As with so many riders contact is short, usually polite, and mundane. Most people you will never see again, but I wish her trip had been longer. I imagine her back story is very interesting.

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