Confessions: No You Can't Do That In Here.

Wrapping the month of August and the summer season has to be described for lack of a better word as extremely "Bazaar" and I mean that in a positive way. There has not been a lack of interesting characters, who say and do unexpected things. Not a week goes by when I am not shocked about what riders will talk to you about. Everything from the prison sentence they just finished serving, to the affair they are currently having. I had a guy who wanted to stop by the liquor store on the way home. Normally that would not be a problem, but this guy came out of the store with his bottle open, and drinking as he got in the car. The man proceeded to ask me if I wanted a sip and was surprised when I turned him down, and suggested he find another way to get home. True story.

Then there were the three guys, who wanted to stop by a restaurant and get their pick up order. Again, not normally a problem. I was thinking they were going to come out with a small bag, and maybe a drink to take home. Much to my surprise they came out with styrofoam plates each holding a full course meal and proceeded to eat and drink during the entire trip. For the rest of the day my car smelled like a kitchen. To their credit, other than the food smell they did not leave anything behind. However, if you are using ride-share services most drivers will appreciate it if you don't eat, drink, or suggest they drive faster. In the coming weeks I will write about the do's and don't while using ride-share services and how you can stay in good graces with drivers and what we do to stay in your good graces.

School has started which presents a new set of challenges. Parents, crossing guards, and slow school buses are now all a part of my day.

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