We Can Not Live Afraid

Earlier this year when I embarked on this writing project documenting my experiences both good and bad as a ride-share driver in Atlanta. I imagined it being entertaining, informative, with an occasional dose of wry humor. For the most part it has been exactly that, but the past several months have given me cause to pause. Slaughter of innocent people in Las Vegas, and New York City, along with the daily carnage on our nations streets has made me think differently about what I am doing. You see many things while traveling the busy-active streets in a metropolitan area like Atlanta. I have come to the conclusion that "We Can Not Live Afraid.." Recently I had a discussion with a parking lot security guard at one of Atlanta's major shopping Malls. He shared with me that for the most part Mall managers, and law enforcement officers are glad to see ride-share drivers parked on their properties taking breaks as we await the next rider. It gives them another set of eyes, ears, and another layer of security. As ride-share drivers we are encouraged to stay alert, pay attention, and if you see something say something. Not only do I subscribe to that mindset, I buy into it one-hundred percent. During the time I am on the streets, I have decided to be the kind of driver who will not only say something, but also do something should the situation call for action. I don't want to become a crime fighting, urban super hero warrior, that's why we have professional law enforcement officers but I have been and will continue to be a concerned citizen who happens to be a ride-share driver, who happens to be paying attention and if I see something, I will say and do something. It simply seems to be the right thing to do. Because: "We Can Not Live Afraid."

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