Atlanta Providing The Big Stage

Mostly because of the threat of really bad weather, championship weekend in Atlanta was not the big party blow out I was expecting. Temperatures started dropping and there was talk of freezing rain. It seemed to slow the flow of traffic, on foot and in cars. The short visit by the President created several more layers of security (a secret service agent behind every lamp post) so even the protesters were well behaved as they shivered at their remote pre-approved location. I read somewhere that there were only eight arrests and five of them were for guys trying to sell counterfeit souvenirs. The others three were arrested for fighting each other. (told you the action was slow) Even some of the metro area school districts used the threat of freezing rain as an excuse to close the schools. Event planners I am sure were happy about that, because it meant fewer people, and vehicles on the already busy city streets. No high-profile celebrity rides for me. In fact the only thing of interest to happen to me was my first post-game riders were two really drunk University of Georgia ladies, who were depressed about how the game turned out. I picked them up outside one of the bars in The Battery Atlanta area. All they wanted to do was make it to the Waffle House so as one of them said "We can drown our sorrows with heavy doses of carbohydrates, and coffee. "

The city of Atlanta knows how to host major events. Some how you knew this one would go off without a hitch. No major dramas, disasters, or other memorable calamities. The Centennial Park bombing during the 1996 Olympics is always discussed whenever an event of this magnitude happens here. But this time the only thing to bomb in Centennial Park was the halftime performance of rapper Kendrick Lamar. Maybe I am just old, but I don't get it. I would have rather heard Smokey Robinson...But that's just me.

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