Atlanta's Haves And Have Nots

Ridesharing has allowed me to see so many areas of Atlanta, which is truly a world class city with both splendor, and squalor. It is the latter that has grabbed my attention and caused a great deal of concern. It amazes me that in a matter a a few miles you can go from trendy mostly affluent Buckhead where people spend millions of dollars to live in high rise condos, to areas under bridges where people are in cardboard boxes, with all their worldly possessions in a shopping cart. I won't use this space and time to go into the reasons as to why the "haves and have nots" live in such close proximity to each other, but seem to just be ships passing in the dark night. Except for the few times the haves throw a few dollars out of their cars which causes a scramble among the have nots to physically compete for the monetary crumbs. Or when the" have nots" are aggressively panhandling, and the "haves" peel off a few dollars just to make them go away.

Then of course the cultures might clash again when a poor person gets an opportunity to relieve a unsuspecting person with means of his or her cell phone, laptop, wallet, or some other valuable by force. I can hear my Republican/Conservative friends, who since this current administration took over-have not been so friendly, SCREAMING at me from all corners of the country saying something like "Why don't they just go out and get a job?" If only it was that simple. The current climate in this country not just pertaining to the gap between the "haves and have nots" is anything but Okay. In fact it's not even decent. After seeing what I have seen, I suppose I have joined the ranks of those who think it has long been time to redistribute all this country's wealth via taxation or by whatever means necessary. So few have so much, and do whatever necessary to maintain, and sustain their economic power and status, including not really allowing it "trickle down" Meanwhile so many have so little. As a great American once said "No lie can live forever." I am sure I just lost all my conservative friends, who think they have been losing their country. I believe in equality, justice, and fairness. I am an Independent , but call me a socialist if you want. It won't bother me any more than it bothers you to be called a racist.

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