Ride Share Industry Taking Hard Hits

The past several months have been a public relations nightmare for the ride share industry, especially here in Atlanta. Of course the corporate battles about money and other legal matters don't affect local drivers very much, but we do take notice of local shootings, rapes, robberies, and other things that sometimes don't make it in the local news cycle.

As I write this entry, an Atlanta Uber eats driver is sitting in jail facing murder charges after shooting and killing a guy during a delivery. Details are sketchy, but apparently the driver and customer exchanged words about how long it took for the food to be delivered. News reports say the driver shot him in the back as he was walking away. The attorney representing the driver said the customer reached for what the driver thought was a weapon. A major investigation is in progress. Keep in mind Uber has a no weapons policy- a policy which I will address at a later date.

Meanwhile, just before Christmas an Uber driver picked up a 16 year old girl at a bar at 3:00 in the morning--the ride ended with the teen-ager being raped. That driver also currently in jail awaiting a court hearing. A lot of things wrong about this story--including but not limited to a 16 year old in a bar at 3am. And why was such a predator able to become a ride share driver? Both those questions will be the subject of future writings. I also plan to suggest safety tips for drivers, and riders. Like so many other things, most of the tips are common sense, but there are some things worth noting.

Often I am asked if I have ever been frightened by a passenger during a ride. The quick answer to that question is NO. Most people are just trying to get to where they are going. However, there have been times when I was glad for any number of reasons when a riders trip ended. Also there have been any number of times when I dropped off a rider in an area and then quickly de-activated my Uber App, because I did not want any more trips from that location. It's called common sense. If it doesn't feel right, then it probably isn't. Trust your instincts.

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