Ride Share Safety Tips

I AM BAAACK!!!! The last time we visited in this space, I was writing about some of the really bad things that had happened in and around the ride-share industry. I wanted to touch on some ride-share safety tips which for the most part I thought were common sense, I have learned many are not. Most of the time you as a rider should know more about your driver than he knows about you. Take a few minutes to look at his/her picture, and read the driver profile that should be available to you on the ride-share application. On the app there should also be a picture of the driver, and his car, and the license tag number. Take note of them. If you see something creepy, or something you are uncomfortable with, don't get in the car. I mean really... If a driver has a hatchet in his hand, a skull and cross-bones decal on his wind-shield, and reeks of alcohol, or drugs, that would be an indication that perhaps this is not going to be a good experience. Even more so if it 3:00am. I am being a little light-hearted in this post, but seriously use common sense when getting in a car with any stranger. By the way, most ride-share drivers don't have a hatchet for protection, reek of drugs or alcohol, or have skull and cross bone decals, but it pays to stay alert.

Since I started writing this entry there have been several new incidents in the Atlanta area involving drivers and riders, ( none involving me) One having to do with a stabbing, and another gun incident. I am happy to report no shots fired, but the stabbing did include stitches, and blood. As a famous King (Rodney) once said... "Can't we all just get along?"

Meanwhile, life in the ride share business continues to be for the lack of a better word "Interesting."

My riders have been well behaved (knock on wood) One night I did have to get my Puke bag out, but fortunately it was not needed. Most of the time people are just trying to get to where they are going. It's what gets said and done between points A & B that have you scratching your head, or in some cases ducking it. Stay tuned for more.

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