So June 15, 2018 finds me turning the tender age of 65. I suppose it's safe to start using the "R" word (Retirement) There are some recent employers who might say I started retirement 15 years ago. I beg to differ, but that's a story for another day. In my retirement-doing nothing is not an option. I will be busier than ever before, doing things on my own terms, and on my own schedule. Based from my home in Atlanta, Georgia. I plan to become a picture taking, story telling artist, and write about all things that interest me. Many of those things are new and totally out of my comfort zone, and may surprise you. My goal is to become a "Poor" man's Anthony Bourdain (only happier) sharing stories, and experiences with you from wherever I happen to be. Some times I will pack my computer, camera, music and my imagination and head out to "parts unknown." Should I find myself in a town near you- put on the coffee, or if it's after 6:00 put some ice in the glass, and stir, don't shake my drink. One of the lyrics from my favorite song says--

" I cried when I wrote this song. Sue me if I play too long. This brotha is free, I be what I want to be..."

Donald Fagan-Steely Dan-Deacon Blues.

Stay in touch. I'll see you down the road. By the way, I am loving these Senior Discounts.

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