Good Bye Ride-Share Career

When I started my ride-share adventures in May of 2017, my goals were to learn more about the city of Atlanta, meet a lot of new people, have some fun, and last but not least get off the couch. Let me assure you ride-sharing as a driver did not disappoint, but the end has come and I think I will miss the action. Ninety-eight per cent of the riders were very pleasant and simply trying to get to their destinations, including the pregnant woman in labor (see picture below and earlier post). But there was that other two per cent that included the angry, the impatient, the rude, the inconsiderate, the vomiter's (only two, and I had vomit bags for them) and last but not least a gun incident which I did not report because no one was injured and my car was not damaged. No need in creating more paperwork from Uber, and the police.

Then there were the celebrity riders, discreetly trying to get from one place to another. The memorable night when the stripper asked if it was alright for her to change into her performance clothes (or lack thereof) in the backseat during the trip. Apparently she was late for work and wanted to hit the stage running. I once had three very proud gang members as riders. I recognized them from the tattoos. Actually they were pretty nice guys, and tipped very well. Ah.. the ride-share stories in the big city could lend itself to another book and/or movie. Mostly it was a lot of fun because you never knew what would happen next or who might crawl into the backseat, or what they would want, or where they were going. On a serious note- there was always potential for danger. I would never admit to carrying a weapon because it was against ride-share policy to do so, but a driver in a city like Atlanta, or any other major metro area would be crazy to do this kind of work and be defenseless. Let me put it this way... my riders and I were never defenseless. I figured that if I ever had to use my peacekeeper, my ride-share driving days would probably be over anyway.

Which brings me to the point of my ride-share driving career being over. One dark, hot, humid, August night last summer, I was involved in a traffic accident. Hit from behind in a poorly lit apartment complex by a guy who was simply not paying attention. My car had rear end damage, and I was physically shaken enough to come to the conclusion that my ride-share driving days were over. I took it as God telling me "that's enough." Message sent.. Message received. Now I will just be a ride-share passenger, and encourage others to use the services, but be smart, stay alert and aware of your surroundings. Also adhere to all the safety rules.

So from this point on instead of in the ride-share lane lane at the airport, you'll probably find me under a palm tree (see above), on the golf course, or preparing for a fishing trip to one of my many favorite Florida locations. I'll probably use ride-share to get there. My new passion project is photography. Still and video. Stay tuned. See you around.

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