A Bright, But Very Different Future. Get Ready 2019.

This retirement thing has created and presented an entirely new set of challenges, and opportunities. Not necessarily in that order. In my book introduction I mention my only regret in life is that I was not more generous with my space and time. I find myself at a stage in life when I now have the time and the will to share more of both, with as many as I can. With that said, I plan to use the year 2019 and beyond to reach out to past, present, and future friends. I will find time to pick up the phone or send a note, maybe even write a letter to people who meant something to me, or someone I admire, and respect but for whatever the reason never told them.

Rebuild, reinforce, and renew relationships new and old. And perhaps in some cases restructure an existing situation. Tranquility, drama free and sincere- my space is one of peace, and calm. I have discovered that in this restful place I want nothing and need even less. However, I do have a lot to give, and I am now willing to share.

Along the way it is my hope upcoming efforts will not be misunderstood by anyone. My outreach will mostly be to thank people who should have been thanked, and apologize to those who need an apology, whether they deserve it or not -- Forgive those who need to be forgiven. Peaceful and calmness are the places which I now reside two really wonderful locations.

So it is in the spirit of good intentions, and positive vibes I journey into 2019. I'll use this platform and other outlets to stay in touch and keep you aware of the latest adventures, journeys and encounters. If we get really lucky perhaps we will look up from that meal or drink and suddenly be face to face. Get ready 2019, here I come styling, profiling, and loaded with grace, confidence, peace, harmony, tolerance and plenty "Swagger." Happy New Year everyone. I hope to see you down the road.

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