Our Nation Of Laws. Really?

Not all attorneys are politicians- but it seems these days in which we currently live, all or most politicians are attorneys. You figure, what other profession has the flexibility, time, money, ego, and resources to pursue public service at the national, or even state level? Not many come to mind. Of course there are rare exceptions (see the self proclaimed millionaire genius) that currently occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington D.C. - United States Of America. Who's Presidency will almost certainly have an asterisk beside it in future history books. (Sigh)

So, let's take a closer look. We call ourselves a nation of laws. Written, and developed by who else? Lawyers/politians. Unfortunately, most laws can only be understood by Lawyers. They seem to be the only ones who have the time, and the will to sit down to create, and read the fine print.

How many times have you heard a person start of a sentence by saying "I am not a Lawyer, but.....

I know some really good people, whom I love and respect, who followed a career path to courtrooms around the country. Several sitting on the bench and making life altering decisions. Full disclosure, I followed a curriculum in high school and college that set the stage for post graduate law school. Good thing I woke up just in the nick of time. Don't get me wrong - I like Lawyers, when they are not lawyer(ing) up about one thing or the other.

Politicians/Lawyers often say "no one is above the law." Then follow up with "the wheels of justice grind slowly." Maybe so, but I sure wish some legal eagle would give the system a quick squirt of legal juice and speed up those rusty squeaky wheels of justice..

During my life I have had the pleasure of knowing and socializing with many Attorneys. They have a culture of shielding the profession and in many instances each other. Even if they personally don't like a colleague- you will very rarely hear a Lawyer say something negative about another Lawyer. They understand how this high-stakes game must be played. Always a united front in the spirit of maintaining the rule of law. Since 2016 my faith and confidence in our system is at an all time low. Our experiment in democracy is being tested as it has never been tested before. My only request to lawmakers is you do what you promised on paper. No one is above the law. Really? We shall see.

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