We've Only Just Begun

One of the main elements the Swagger Youth Mentoring Project will address is education. Especially post high school education, which does not necessarily mean college. Recently I met with a group of students from Peeblebrook High School in Mableton, Georgia. The pathway to success is certainly not one that is straight. It almost always goes left, right, up, and as we all know often times down. Sometimes one has to take a step back, so that they can go forward. One thing that most successful people have in common is call to action, which almost always results in positive activity. Several of the students are not interested in the traditional college setting, but they are interested in being successful.

So how do we get there from here? What is the first step? I encourage them to each day in their own private and personal way-ask themselves:

* What did I do to (PREPARE) myself to succeed today?

* Did I (ORGANIZE) my thoughts and actions in such a way that will let me pursue my goals?

* Did I put forth an honest (EFFORT) consistent with the goals I have set?

* Did I work with and encourage others who have common goals and form a culture of TEAMWORK?

* Did I do something to improve my TIME MANAGEMENT skills?

POETT- Five skills that can and will serve anyone well as they seek that pathway to success.

These are also five attributes that take no extraordinary talents to acquire, only the will and desire.

In the weeks to come we will talk about what Swagger is, and what Swagger is not. In the meantime help us to reach one and teach one by making a donation to Gofundme.com put my name in the search box. Thank you in advance.

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