Illinois State 1000 Point Club

Shifting gears a little bit, in February 2020, I was invited back to Illinois State University to take part in a weekend recognizing, and honoring Redbird players who scored over 1000 points in their careers. I really was not sure what to expect, but I was hoping for the best, and the best is what I got. Thanks to Marianne Riddell (RB4L) Redbird For Life) and her staff It was a memorable two days. Everything from attending the morning pre-game shoot around, to the the tour of Redbird Arena amenities, a wonderful lunch gathering, which gave us a chance to reunite with fans, and other alumni. There was a pre-game autograph session that let us visit with past, present, and future Redbird Fans. The only negative from the event was Valparaiso won the game.

I approached the weekend somewhat apprehensive. Over the decades my relationship with not only the basketball program, but the entire University has been somewhat lukewarm. There is no particular reason as to why we went in opposite directions. As the people I knew died, and retired, new relationships simply never happened, and that is something for which I take some of the blame.

Last but absolutely not least is I was able to

see some of my former teammates, many of whom I have not seen in decades. Ron deVries, Roger Powell. Our team manager and go to guy Steve Danielson, still known as (Stevie D) And as always it was good to visit with Doug Collins, who always seems to be at his relaxed best when on campus at Illinois State University. I look forward to future visits to Illinois State. There are a lot of really positive changes to campus.

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