Covid-19 And Me 2020

So far the year 2020 has really been a "Bummer." Or as many people under the age of 30 would say..."It really sucks." And as I write this we are only a little more than five months into it. Covid-19 Coronavirus has brought our country and the world to it's knees.

So now we re-set the world. Re-think what normal is, was, and will be. One thing that seems to be certain in an uncertain world is normal will be extremely different than what we have known. It has not been easy, but I have followed the CDC guidelines. Including but not limited to social distancing, wearing a mask when I have gone out in public, and last but not least self-quarantining , simply staying home. I have used this international crisis to reach out and check in on people to see how they are holding up under these extremely difficult circumstances.

I have friends, and loved ones who have been laid off, on furlough and not sure how they are going to make it from day to day. Many suffering from isolation, and depression. My Swagger mentoring program I started prior to the pandemic was originally targeting young people trying to figure out how to navigate the adult world. Now I have changed my focus to mentoring entire families via Skype, and Zoom technology, and assisting them in navigating the new normal. Watching healthcare professionals on their way to lunch, and housewives in line at the grocery stores wearing facial covering has convinced me this is a very serious situation.

Entire industries completely shutting down, for how long? No one can be sure. I hear about an increase in domestic violence, alcoholism, drug usage, and other addictions. Complicated dynamics between scientific facts, and political hopefulness may well be the downfall of us all. I was amused at something I read a few weeks ago that reminded readers that we should work together because we are all in the same boat. I found that strange, because we are in the same storm, but we are not in the same boat. Look at the statistics how the pandemic has affected the poor, and communities of color. It gives new credence to the old saying "when white America get a cold, or sniffles, black, and poor Americans including Native Americans in the Navajo nation, gets pneumonia.

When this Covid-19 crisis calms down, I plan to hit the road and do some Travel/Writing, and share with you how the rest of the country, and world is recovering from this worldwide emergency. Nothing will ever be the same again. Stay tuned. Major announcement next month.

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